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There are many different variants of slot machines, but it can be roughly grouped into two categories: classic slot machines and video slots. The classic slot machines are those that derive directly from the first 3-reel slot machine, and report on the wheels symbols like cherries, number 7, the word BAR, or even the famous Liberty Bell, symbol of the bell that has made one of first slot machine. Playing slot machines online is far much better than playing at land based casinos due to many reasons. The game of slots require not much skills but you must have luck playing at slot machines online.

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The history of slot machines is long and difficult, their birth dates from 1800 and even though their life was never easy, over the centuries the slots have never ceased to thrill gamers around the world should achieve up to their peak with the current versions of online slot machines and technology that can be found on the net.

The predecessor of the slot machine that we all know it was created more than 200 years ago and it was exactly like the ones we play today in fact made use of 50 cards and five drums. At its inception this machine was first distributed in bars, but a problem was posed in moment when you had to decide how to reward the winner as early comforts not even contemplated any cash prizes.

Success was not immediate but slowly this new slot machines began to be distributed throughout the world, so began to create new and different that would change the fonts and images on the element coils. But the life of the slot machine has not been easy, in fact in 1909 the United passed a law that the slot machines were illegal guano money.

Needed to pinpoint the problem and find a solution to be able to continue to play without incurring the illegality and allot the owners of the bar decided to replace the cash prizes with prizes. One of the first ideas was to make winning gum.

The flavor of chewing gum changed depending on the combination that was obtained. The First Fruit slot or the slot whose images on the reels are those that represent the fruit. The bar owners cicerone to offer cash prizes to the winners who spent more temple in front of these new pastimes.

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