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There are many different variants of slot machines, but it can be roughly grouped into two categories: classic slot machines and video slots. The classic slot machines are those that derive directly from the first 3-reel slot machine, and report on the wheels symbols like cherries, number 7, the word BAR, or even the famous Liberty Bell, symbol of the bell that has made one of first slot machine.  Playing slot machines online is far much better than playing at land based casinos due to many reasons.

The game of slots require not much skills but you must have luck playing at slot machines online. You can try your luck and learn how to play cleopatra slot machines and give yourself the opportunity to win a small fortune.
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Video slots are modern slot mills generally have more than three wheels, may be 5 or even 7, 9 seldom reach even the wheels, and often offer bonus games, scatter symbols, wild, multipliers that increase almost exponential winnings, free spins, and other features that make the game incredibly varied and entertaining. Simply login to the best free casino game website you're familiar with and try the various slots games are available. You'll be surprised how quickly the game of slots will become your personal favorite.

Video slots are generally equipped with graphics and sound very accurate, and offer animations quite modern and well made, with special Gambling Site games that take place on a second screen, in the online casino games you can find lots of video slots.

These types of slot machines are usually equipped with more rollers, and are considered multi-reel slots, 5 reel slots are the most common, can have up to 50 pay lines or sometimes even 100, and offer a wide range of functions very interesting as a second screen bonus games, multipliers, free spins and so on, in more damage to your chances of winning progressive jackpots, or jackpot that grows with every bet made by players.

Then there are the seven slot machine reels, these usually do not offer special bonus games or other functions, have a number of pay lines significantly reduced compared to 5-reel slot, it will never exceed the 10 pay lines and the number of symbols on the wheels is also lower, but when you manage to achieve a winning combination that starts from the first wheel until the last, you can get some great wins.

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